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How to avoid line of people waiting at your event?

Nobody likes to wait in line. And it feels really bad to wait for something you paid a lot for. Like, when you register for an expensive conference, you pay your fee and when you go there is a surprise… a line of visitors like you, waiting to register. This can definitely be frustrating and your opinion of the organizer crashes even before the event is launched. Read more

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05 Aug 2013 0
What to do when your event star doesn't show up

What to do when your event star doesn't show up

Each event has one or more stars, these are the people on which depends the success or failure of the event itself. Read more

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22 Jul 2013 0
More than 160 currencies and 38 languages

160 currencies, 38 languages – to us, every market matters!

We – the creators of Weemss, are not from USA or from Russia or from UK. We come from a small European country – Bulgaria. We are huge fans of tech innovations and we bring into use and test new products and softwares in our work process every day. Read more

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15 Jul 2013 0
Event website - Jacksonville Downtown Art Walk

10 inspiring event website designs

Learn from the best! This article contains 10 examples of some of the most impressive event websites for the last couple of years. Read more

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10 Jul 2013 2
Gatsby-inspired event

Your guide to planning a The Great Gatsby-inspired event Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the increasing popularity of 20s-inspired events, following the buzz around the release of director Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. We looked at some design elements evoking a 1920s look such as decoration and textures. In part 2 of Your guide to planning a The Great Gatsby-inspired event we’ll look into the small details to complete the look of a Gatsby-inspired event.

Read more

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05 Jun 2013 0
where to start looking for inspirational event speakers?

10 places to look for your next inspirational event speaker in the US

When organizing conferences, seminars or other educational events there are two things to take into account in the first instance. That is, the attendees and what they want to learn, and who is the speaker who can deliver that information and knowledge to them.

So, where do you start looking for the right speaker? Word of mouth? Yes, do that, consult people. But you can also search through some online directories to get a feel of what to expect. Read more

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25 Jun 2013 0
event website design that really sells - infographic

Event websites that really sell

Just like any other website design, event website design must follow the main usability rules that will increase ticket sales and registrations at events. Read more

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21 May 2013 0
The Great Gatsby-inspired event

Your guide to planning a The Great Gatsby-inspired event

It appears that Great Gatsby-inspired events are the trend of the year. Special Events reports “nearly three-fourths of event planners responding to an online poll [...] say a Roaring '20s Great Gatsby look will be in demand this year.” In high demand, I dare add.
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28 May 2013 0
Facebook marketing for events

How to use Facebook photos to promote events

Among social media Facebook has been on top of the social networks pyramid for quite some time. Just like brands, event planners must focus on increasing interaction with fans on Facebook. One of the most compelling strategies to do that is through photos. Read more

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16 May 2013 0
zero budget event

12 steps to organising your event with zero budget

You might think there’s no way to organise an event with a zero budget, but, trust me, I have done it and it is absolutely possible. You will need patience and determination to start your own event planning business, but you certainly will not need to raise capital. Coordinate strictly your project, meet the deadlines you have set for yourself and be persistent.
Read more

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08 May 2013 1
event marketing ideas

6 unforgettable marketing campaigns for your event marketing inspiration

Event marketing inspiration: 6 guerrilla marketing ideas from around the web. Read more

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29 Apr 2013 1
earth day 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April. The concept of the holiday was born in 1970 and since then each year on Earth Day events are held worldwide in support of environmental protection. Read more

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